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Using AT&T Network Client VPN with Ubuntu 64bit

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(This post is probably of most interest to my IBM colleagues – however, since the AT&T Network Client is also available for other organisations, I’ve posted this here in case it’s of use to other folks.)

I recently installed Ubuntu 64bit (amd64) on my Lenovo Thinkpad T61. Unfortunately, the Network Client is not available in a 32bit edition. So I had to perform a few tweaks to get it to work. Here’s the steps I took:

  • Install the ia32-libs package and all it’s dependencies:
sudo apt-get install ia32-libs
  • Install the AT&T client itself (IBM colleagues can obtain this from the OCDC website):
sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture agnclient_1.0~
  • Add some symlinks:
sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/ /usr/lib32/
sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/ /usr/lib32/
  • You should now be able to start the Network Client from the Internet section of the Gnome menu, or from /opt/agns/bin/agnclient. Click Connect and enter your details as normal.

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January 12th, 2009 at 8:34 pm

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16 Responses to 'Using AT&T Network Client VPN with Ubuntu 64bit'

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  1. If you plan on installing Lotus Notes on this box you might as well start learning about schroot to install it all under, the debian amd64 howto is a good resource, as Notes is very hard to get working with ia32-libs.
    The other problem with the ia32-libs approach is none of your forced packages will ever get updated. This is fine if it is one or two, but once you start having to install various dependencies and libraries, it leaves your system more likely to be hit by a vulnerability

    Anton Piatek

    14 Jan 09 at 19:01:00

  2. Thanks for the link. I did investigate that option but it seemed more awkward than the ia32-libs option.

    To be honest, though, I gave up on the whole plan of installing Ubuntu on my Thinkpad shortly after I wrote this. There were just too many stumbling blocks. I was preparing to trade down to 32bit Ubuntu (since I discovered I can recompile the kernel to address all 4GB), but even then there was too much pain: font rendering in Notes, Sametime, etc. sucks, lack of power profiles, switching displays is a pain, lack of support for my scanner, etc.

    It’s a shame as I think Canonical have done a lot in 8.10 to get it working well out-of-the-box (e.g. the Vodafone 3G card worked astonishingly well, far better than on Windows, where it’s truly awful), but in the end it was just too much of a time investment – and I have work to do, so back to Windows I went!


    14 Jan 09 at 20:01:02

  3. Incidentally, I should add that I use Ubuntu on both my desktop at home and at work – so I bear it no grudge – it’s just that my Thinkpad – being as I use it as my main workstation – has more ‘exotic’ requirements.


    14 Jan 09 at 20:01:28

  4. You may also want to look at the following website as well…

    32-bit version and notes:
    64-bit update:

    This worked great for me.


    31 Oct 09 at 14:10:57

  5. mh … i am running Karmic Koala on my T61p and it does so like a charm …i was even able to boot it from an Dell XPS1520 image ?


    25 Jan 10 at 04:01:15

  6. ..but i am very interested in your ATT solution, i tried to use Netclient earlier but never got the VPN part really to work. i thought back then i learned that the VPN tunnel service isn’t supported ? do you have any comments or experiance on this ? (i am speaking of the IGS specific protocoll ?)


    25 Jan 10 at 04:01:42

  7. This worked great for me. Thanks!


    11 May 10 at 03:05:17

  8. very very help full. Work like a charm.


    5 Jul 10 at 12:07:02

  9. Worked for me too. Hooray! =D I was beginning to worry that I’d have to do all of my development in Microsoft Windows…

    Sacha Chua

    31 Aug 10 at 01:08:58

  10. Great. Since this, I’ve switched to using 32 bit Ubuntu anyway (try it with the PAE patch for >3GB memory support), but glad it helped.


    31 Aug 10 at 09:08:56

  11. […] Using AT&T Network Client VPN with Ubuntu 64bit at Andrew Ferrier (Tue, Aug 31, 2010) […]

  12. Thanks very much. Exactly what I needed.


    5 Dec 10 at 18:12:03

  13. This just ended a two day tail chasing session. I had reverted 32 bit and still had some issues when I found your post. Clean install of 64 bit and your directions were flawless. THANK YOU!!


    28 Jan 11 at 18:01:58

  14. This did not work like a charm for me.
    Used –force-architecture flag and got the following
    Errors were encountered while processing:

    found that these libraries were missing for a view items in /opt/agns/bin => not found => not found

    Anybody know how to resolve these?


    28 Sep 11 at 19:09:16

  15. Thanks! This worked great for me! Exactly what I needed.


    3 Feb 12 at 20:02:26

  16. Hi Diana, I’ve had the same problem you did. I could solve it by installing agnclient-compat (downloaded from the same place where agnclient).
    I did the following (as root)

    # dpkg -r agnclient
    (to remove the failed installation of the client)
    # dpkg -i –force-architecture agnclient-compat_1.0-5-ocdc1_i386.deb
    # dpkg -i –force-architecture agnclient_1.0~

    You migh notice I didn’t linked the libraries, actually I did that when I first attempted the failed installation of the client, so for a clean install:
    -Download and install the ia32 libraries
    -Install agnclient-compat
    -Install agnclient
    -Link the libraries mentioned above

    Hope this does the trick


    2 Aug 12 at 17:08:40

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