Andrew Ferrier

Economics; Travel; Film; and Technology.

About Me

Andrew FerrierI’m Andrew Ferrier. I work for IBM Software Group in Hursley, near Winchester, in the south of England. I’m an IT Consultant and specialise in Dojo, JavaScript, and building modern Web 2.0 applications. I was formerly a specialist in IBM’s WebSphere ESB product. You can find out more about my career history on LinkedIn.

However, this blog is not about work (apart from some historical entries), but for own personal observations, reflections, and comments, which you can read here and on Twitter. My comments on this blog don’t reflect on IBM’s positions or strategies. I run another blog on Dojo and related topics called Dojo Tips ‘n’ Tricks (for which there is a corresponding Twitter account). If you’d like to get in touch with me in an IBM context, please do so through there.

Partly because of my job, I tend to travel a lot. You can find statistics about my travel on Dopplr and on Tripit and the conferences I’ve attended on Lanyrd, as well as some slides from them on SlideShare. I’m also a keen amateur photographer; I keep my photos online at Flickr (here are my favourites). I keep track of some of the music I listen to at, my bookmarks at delicious (including some of my favorite things), some items I’ve reviewed at Amazon and on Tripadvisor, and like many folk, I’ve got a Facebook profile and a Google Plus profile.

I’ve also got some older web content you might be interested in.

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