Make Bono History

I got a Make Bono History t-shirt about a week ago, and wore it for the first time ‘in anger’ on Saturday. I think it possibly bothered a few people. I think the manufacturer’s original thought was that it was a comment on U2’s music. For myself, it’s not (their music is a little bland but perfectly harmless): it’s a comment on the Make Poverty History campaign and its self-righteous attitude. Debt relief irritates me and is unfair on the lending nations. More free trade would of course be good, but the ‘Trade Justice’ (‘fair trade’?) advocated here is another form of protectionism, just tilted the opposite way. This is immoral and is unhealthy for building up long-term free trade. Freely giving aid (i.e. charity) is fine, but only if it comes from individuals: forcing it out of people through taxation is immoral too. This campaign only continues left-wing economic attitudes and patronises the poor.

For further reading, I suggest this blog article.


[...] Apparently Bono wants the rest of us to fund his Make Poverty History campaign, but not himself. There’s no reason why he should pay for this, but perhaps it’s time for him to drop the lecturing and recognise that enforced charity isn’t that liberal. I shall continue to wear my t-shirt with pride. [...]