Just watched a short film called Cashback - about in a guy working in Sainsbury’s on the night shift, who narrates us through his life there. His sleepy, semi-dream-like state is both monotonous and joyful at the same time. The film is a piece of two halves - the first a series of surreal and humourous situations backed with some great comedic acting, ending with a crescendo of flamenco music in the background. The second half is slow, sexy, and beautiful, as the hero opines on the beauty of women. The film is superbly crafted and well scripted, although it’s amazing that Sainsbury’s (presumably) co-operated with the making of the film. It has been nominated for an Oscar.

Get hold of a copy if you can (apparently iTunes sells it, and for the time being you can also view it at the CBC). A feature film is also being made from it, although goodness only knows how (it’s just the right length).