The Morality of Updating One's Blog After-the-Fact

These are the principles I’m currently trying to follow:

Of course, ultimately, my blog is my own, and I do have the right to do whatever I like with it. And if I decide I want to alter an entry (I’ve libelled someone, or I’ve misunderstood something which has substantial repercussions on my reputation), I probably will. But by and large, I will try to abide by the principles above - just because it seems like the honest thing to do.


Well, I guess you don't. Interestingly, as owner of this blog, I could even edit your comment and misrepresent you now. That would be easy for you to detect (you know what you wrote), but not for anyone else. Of course I haven't done that - or have I? :)
So how do we know that you have not update or altered this section of your blog...? ;o)