The Rescuers Down Under


I just watched this film for about the 5th time (although the first time in many years). It’s the 1990 sequel to the original 1977 classic film The Rescuers. The animation, story, and general quality of the film are quite stunning: it’s little-known, but is comparable to The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and other more prominent Disney animated movies. About the only thing that spoils it are the occasionally dodgy voice talents, in particular some of the Aussie accents. It’s a shame they didn’t do what Finding Nemo did 13 years later and bring in native speakers for all the local characters.

If you’re a fan of animation in particular, it’s well worth watching: it’s Disney’s first feature film that entirely used digital composition, and you’d swear there are some parts that use 3D animation (although I don’t think that’s actually the case). The opening sequence in particular is stunning.