Glengarry Glen Ross

Fabulous drama from an all-star cast. This is the kind of film in which it’s hard to find imperfect acting, and David Mamet’s script makes it even harder. No character is quite as simple as he at first appears, and they’re all fascinating. The film just draws you in, despite the simplicity of the setting (it’s easy to see that it came from the stage). The ending is untidy, but appropriate, and anyway, this film isn’t just about the plot: it’s also about the character and machinations of salesmen and their morally blurred world. Al Pacino’s character is so transparent that you’d swear you’d never fall for his patter: but you know you would (he’s so funny when playing this kind of character; for another example, see The Devil’s Advocate).

Factoid from Wikipedia: The word ‘fuck’ is used 138 times in this film (although take with a pinch of salt; it doesn’t take its place where it should in the top 90).