What is WebSphere Integration Developer?

WebSphere Integration Developer (WID) is IBM’s development tool for constructing SCA modules that can be deployed to WebSphere ESB and WebSphere Process Server. It is built on top of Rational Application Developer (RAD), which is in turn Eclipse-based, so it inherits a lot of functionality, including support for Java, J2EE, UML, etc. However, it also provides the ability to develop:

(see this posting for more information on SCA modules and components)

WID, like RAD, is Eclipse-based, and provides the same flexible, customizable development environment. For example, one can customize the Eclipse Capabilities provided by WID so that the Process Server and/or ESB development functionality is hidden (once loaded, go to Window / Preferences / Workbench / Capabilities / Integration Developer / *). This is useful if you know you want to target a particular type of server.

Although WID is often used with WebSphere ESB or Process Server, it is not supplied in the box with them and must be obtained separately. However, it does contain a version of Process Server that can be used for testing modules before deployment - commonly referred to as the Integrated Test Environment (ITE) or Unit Test Environment (UTE). During installation of WID, you can create an ESB or Process Server profile against this for testing with (or both). This is possible because Process Server contains a superset of the functionality of ESB. See this Developerworks article for more information on testing this way, as well as some more information on WID.


I required some help: I have make application JSP based, but i m facing one problem that sometimes when i fill up the form and presses either Complete/Save it does save the data in the BO's. Lets i consider one scenario that i fill up the form and presses the save button and then i rework for the same activity, then fields in the activity which are filled before are empty again. This may occur sometime not a regular one. So, if u know anything about it, plz share it with me. Thanks in advance.
Just to clarify, there are a few parts of RAD that are not included in WID, such as Portal functionality. As always, please check it has what you need before striking a deal with your friendly IBM salesman.