Perversion for Profit

Perversion for Profit is a 1965 anti-porn documentary film. Very little footage is shown apart from the presenter in the studio: George Putnam. His didactic pronouncements, tone of voice, and Brylcreemed presentation would seem hilarious to many today, and this manner is constantly (and justifiably) parodied on TV - The Simpsons perhaps being a good example. Most of the facts Putnam presents are statements of opinion - connected without demonstrating correlation, much less causation. He doesn’t discuss the morality of censorship at all. It’s well worth seeing, though, as an example of propaganda - although less subtle than, say, Triumph of the Will, it’s still crisp, clean filmmaking.

You can download the film for free here (part 1) and here (part 2). There’s also an impressive re-edit here that totally reverses the message.

Some choice quotes from the film beyond the split.

_‘The preoccupation with the female breast…which has become a fetish’ _(duh)

‘Very few blind people join nudist colonies’

‘They tell youngsters that… it’s thrilling, it provides kicks to be a homosexual… and every other kind of deviant’

_‘This same type of rot caused 16 of the 19 major civilisations to vanish from the earth’ _