As this is my 100th posting to this blog, I’ve decided to do a run-down of the five most popular postings so far:

  1. Tesco Show What Innovation Is

  2. Shaving and Carry-on

  3. What is an ESB?

  4. WebSphere Message Broker and WebSphere ESB

  5. Blog Commenting is Weak

These rankings are provided by the Wordpress Popularity Contest plugin, which calculates them based on a weighted average of views, comments, etc. It’s almost endlessly tweakable - I’m trying to resist the temptation to fiddle. I don’t think the above numbers are particularly accurate right now, so they’re just a bit of fun, but hopefully the statistics will settle as the new plugin starts to record information.


[...] I installed the popularity contest plugin some time ago to count the popularity of posts on this blog. Unfortunately, up till now it hadn’t been counting page views, which significantly skewed the statistics. I recently discovered, however, that there was a bug in the WP-ShortStat plugin which caused it not to register hits (due to a regression in Wordpress). I applied a similar fix to popularity-contest.php version 1.1 and it now works. It looks like a different fix has already been applied to this version in Trac to fix the problem. [...]