10 Web Services Issues

Andre Tost has written a short, but very helpful, article that clarifies a few of the more confusing issues surrounding Web Services. None of the concepts are particularly new, but Andre provides a good summary of some potential pitfalls. It’s well worth reading if you’re interested in SOA or ESBs in general, as well as Web Services specifically.

As an aside, I found this article as part of the WebSphere ESB support RSS feed. For those that aren’t aware, there are support RSS feeds for several IBM software products, which provide new information on documentation, fixes, and other issues. Find the product you’re interested in on IBM’s website, and click on the ‘Support’ link. Then look for the orange RSS logo for the feed.


[...] Andreessen also briefly discusses Web Services. He certainly seems to believe in Web Services - as he notes, the majority of major languages have good bindings for them now. I can see good things ahead for Web Services as the annoying details are sorted out by the market: see the doc/literal discussion from Andre Tost’s article I linked to a few days ago for an example. I look forward to seeing how this pans out. [...]
Richard has weighed in on this too, adding some good extra points: http://gendal.blogspot.com/2006/09/web-services-issues.html