82ASK Get it Wrong

I’ve had superb experiences with 82ASK up till now. It’s a very simple but useful service; text any question to 82ASK (82275) and they send you the answer back for a pound (or don’t charge if they can’t answer). I’ve found it’s very useful when out and about and you’re trying to answer a travel or shopping query.

After flying back to Heathrow Terminal 4 the other day, I need to get to the Central Bus Station, which is right next to Terminals 1, 2, and 3. On the way out I’d caught the free Heathrow Express to T4, but I thought it went in a loop round Heathrow, like the tube, so wasn’t suitable for the return hop. I wanted to get to the bus station quickly to see if I could catch an earlier bus home. So I sent this to 82ASK as I was getting off the plane:

‘What’s the quickest (preferably free) way to get from Heathrow T4 to Heath Central Bus Station?’

and I got back:

‘There is a free bus between Heathrow Terminal 4 and Hatton cross. No other free buses. To central station take National Express route 200.’

Nope - bottom of the class. Hatton Cross isn’t even relevant (this is related to the tube closures on the Piccadilly line). Taking the National Express involves paying money and therefore faffing. It turns out I was wrong, as both the Heathrow Express site and the Heathrow Airport site make clear in only a click or two from their homepage - the Heathrow Express can be used to get back from T4 to the Central Bus Station, for free. Luckily I didn’t trust the answer, so checked it myself.

This is a disappointment - this is my fifth question to 82ASK and the first that has had a wrong answer (or at least an unhelpful one). But having said that, they’d done perfectly up till then. They also offer ten free answers if you sign up on their website (as well as seeing all your past Q&A;), so are still worth a try.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with 82ASK in any way.


I use 82ASK quite a bit and have had a few not great responses, but I text them back stating why they were wrong and I have always got a better new response or a refund. And all for the original £1 or free. This is stated as one of their services. Not sure why it needed a page long blog!!
Er, who? Last time I checked, the closest Britain has to an integrated travel planner is this: http://www.transportdirect.info/ It doesn't seem to have an associated phone number, and isn't exactly great anyway.
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