Copenhagen vs. London


_Why Copenhagen Is a Bit Like London _

Why Copenhagen Isn’t That Much Like London


[...] After euroGel 2006, which was truly a ‘good’ experience for me, Mark Hurst has announced that euroGel is coming back to Copenhagen in 2007. I’ve just booked my ticket, and as a previous attendee, I’ve got a 20% discount, so the price was only USD $480. I’m allowed to share this discount (which is only valid until this Friday, 22nd September) with friends and colleagues, so if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send you the link. You can sign up at the regular price here. [...]
Very true, thanks for adding to the list. I hope I haven't insulted residents of either city, by the way: I had a great trip to Copenhagen and I love London. I was just struck by how similar they were (more than other places in Europe I've been).
A few more differences: The inhabitants understand work-life balance. Recycling is second nature. It's flat. It's absolutely freezing in winter when the wind blows across the afore-mentioned flatness!