82ASK Get it Very Right

I’m very impressed. A few days ago I wrote about how 82ASK had screwed up the answer to a question. This evening, totally unprompted, I get an email:

‘I have been passed details of your unsatisfactory response from 82ASK…‘

‘We have given you two free credits in the hope that you will continue to use the 82ASK service, and to apologise again for your unsatisfactory response.’

‘It appears in this instance our usually reliable sources have let us down, and we will endeavour to find a better source for questions of this nature in the future.’

Not only are 82ASK over-compensating for their error, they are obviously also actively seeking customers, such as myself, who are unhappy. This is fantastic customer service, but is also a good example of how to exploit new technology: many people who previously complained in private, or simply didn’t use a service again after an unsatisfactory experience, are now blogging about it, as I did. 82ASK are obviously actively searching for such comments. Although they were still wrong in their answer, 82ASK have been very generous and humble, and I almost feel bad now for complaining. I will use them again.


[...] Well, it looks like writing about customer service can have an effect. About two months back I wrote about how 82ASK had disappointed me - they found my prose, replied and made it all OK. Now, another recent posting about the LOVEFiLM/Screenselect merger has elicited a comment from the LOVEFiLM team. They haven’t entirely addressed my concerns, but their proactive approach is encouraging, and might tip the balance in favour of hanging on, if and when problems do occur. [...]