The Outside World is Broken

My ADSL at home is currently broken. Unfortunately I’m with PlusNet, who don’t seem to care too much about their customers: I have had to run the gauntlet of poorly thought-out automated phone systems, long waits to speak to a human being, and support websites that don’t cut to the chase.

It’s an interesting illustration of how much I’ve come to rely on this communication mechanism, however. I’ve already had several instances over the past few days where I’ve tried to use my network connection on instinct - for example, looking up train times last night - before remembering it’s not there. I’m really not sure how healthy this is. Of course, a fast, always-on network connection is useful. But perhaps I shouldn’t rely on its presence as much as I do. What are your experiences of this? Do you feel uncomfortable when part of your connection to the modern world is broken?


[...] I’m still having problems with my PlusNet broadband. Not only are they not interested in talking to me (phone line queues over an hour, website queries often take days), but when they do, we go round in circles discussing basic settings on my router rather than addressing the problem (my protestations that I haven’t changed a sausage are seemingly ignored). So please, if you’re looking for an ADSL provider, and value customer service, don’t go with PlusNet! [...]
[...] I’m currently podcast-less, due to the continued incompetence of PlusNet, and so am reading Milton Friedman’s Capitalism and Freedom (at Richard’s suggestion). So far it’s an excellent book, and everything I expected. [...]
Coincidentally I'm in exactly the opposite situation: I've just set up a wireless router having finally entered the 21st century by getting TalkTalk broadband a week ago. So, wondering what can I now do sitting here on the sofa that I couldn't do before.... the only thing I ould think of was checking a few blogs! Doesn't look like I'll be over dependant on this wonderful new connection!