What is WebSphere MQ link?

WebSphere MQ link allows you to connect WebSphere Application Server (or any WAS-based product, such as WebSphere ESB) to a WebSphere MQ server. From the perspective of MQ, WAS/ESB’s messaging engine appears to be just another MQ server (and, accordingly, you connect them together with sender & receiver channels). From the perspective of WAS/ESB, MQ appears to be a foreign bus. Thus, ‘foreign destinations’ (WAS/ESB) and ‘remote queues’ (MQ) can be used as appropriate to exchange messages across the link. Both point-to-point and pub/sub style messaging can be used, and the MQ link maps corresponding message features as closely as possible.

This is particularly useful for ESB, as it allows it to mediate messages from and to an MQ queue using JMS bindings. You can find more information on how to set up an MQ link in the Infocenter.


In case the WebSphere MQ is not availabe due to network issues and up again intermettetly. How does the MQLink connection restore and how about the in flight messages and since the WAS ESB does not have a store/forward sync up mechanism, does it loose messages?