Flaky Trackback / Pingbacks on Wordpress 2.0.x

It seems that pingbacks and trackbacks (which are pingbacks’ more awkward, older cousin) are a bit flaky on Wordpress 2.0.x (for more information on how both are supposed to work, see this excellent tutorial). I’ve long suspected that’s the case, because blog entries I’ve linked to haven’t had pingbacks appear, and it seems I’m not the only one with such problems. However, I’ve tested pingbacks with this blog in both directions against TestTrack, which enables you to test ping- and trackbacks, and it does seem to work. TestTrack is running an 2.1 alpha level of Wordpress, so let’s hope that sorts out the bugs when it arrives.


Right. No, I've definitely seen this with proper WP installs. But I suspect my WP installation isn't sending out the pingbacks correctly, as it's missing the 'Already sent' section you should see when you edit the post that mentions the pingbacks it's sent.
I have found that before, but mostly because their blogs are crap and you have to give a different address for the pingback (i.e. they don't use a standard resource link in the html for WP to parse and find the pingback url). Mostly these were Blogger users who had a third party javascript comment/ping service.
Sure. The problem is I can't reproduce the problem consistently - otherwise I might be able to do something about fixing it! The particular symptom I notice is that other people's blog entries that I comment on never seem to receive a pingback - but since their blog isn't under my control, it's hard to verify why.
I have never had a problem with ping/track backs in WordPress...