Caffeine Free at Work

As Adrian did recently, I’ve gone completely caffeine free at work, and have been so for about a month (except on the odd occasion that I’ve forgotten and lapsed). The only things I’ll allow myself are herbal tea, normally camomile, or from time-to-time a green one. I did this primarily for health reasons - I am finding that my ability to concentrate is much better now, as well as suffering from fewer headaches and other unpleasant side-effects. However, I was spurred on by the poor quality of tea and coffee provided by Ritazza here at work - this is something I’ve realised ever since I’ve began to make tea and coffee properly at home. I’ve also found that I’ve been drinking less tea and coffee at home since cutting off caffeine at work - I seem to find it less appealing. The whole exercise also saves me a penny or two as well.

I can recommend it.


Actually I've lapsed a little since writing this, and am drinking some coffee at work again. Although, yes, the majority is at home.
I've cut down on my caffeine intake, and have thought about cutting it out completely. I quite like my cups of tea though, which is making it tricky. I've cut out work coffee (instant ... yeuch) though. Do you drink coffee at home? In the mornings or evenings?
[...] My caffeine withdrawl is going well, the main benefit being that I have stopped drinking Coca Cola. The decaf coffee at work is nice enough. Interesting to see that Andrew has joined me in quitting as well. All of this makes today’s Dilbert especially funny. Hopefully we will see the effects of withdrawl over the next few strips! [...]
Mårten, great, sounds like you're doing well. I'll have cause to celebrate if I'm still caffeine free in five years :)
I can sympathise, Richard. My observation has been much coffee-buying behaviour tends to be instinctive action - at least for me. Whenever you want to buy a tea/coffee, just try buying another drink instead - hot chocolate, juice, whatever. This helps fulfill the need to get away from your desk and spend some money. Not sure about the Earl Grey - it certainly tastes healthier :) Maybe try more green tea? It has caffeine, but is much better for you.
I tried going caffeine free but lapsed when I thought my brain was going to implode. I have switched, wherever possible, to Earl Grey tea now. I'm telling myself this is the first step towards abstinence... but we'll see.
Good for you! I've been mostly caffeine free at work for the last four or five years. Only treating myself to a coffe once every other month or so, and then it's always a proper made cappucino or latte. However I don't drink tea either, I'm a plain water guy.