How to Have a Disappointing Late-Night Journey Home, Part 5

Get on a train at Waterloo bound for Winchester. Discover that there is a bus ‘service’ from Basingstoke to Winchester, due to mid-week engineering work, despite having checked online and the timetable asserting no such thing. After a brief chat with them, discover that the three pretty ladies sitting opposite you are actually travelling to somewhere this train doesn’t go, them having been misinformed by someone from SWT - they will leave the train in short order. Realise that all the podcasts you have on your phone are dry and boring, and the Pomegranate juice you’ve bought from M&S; tastes weird. When you get off the bus in Winchester, walk home through the pouring rain in a nice suit, with no umbrella. Curse a deep and hidden puddle that creeps up on your shiny shoes.


[...] On a trip to London the other week, I was wearing a nice pinstripe suit. With my neatly ironed shirt, conservative tie, and smart cufflinks, I thought I looked very presentable. But as I’ve already admitted, I also bought some pomegranate juice. What was I thinking? Sure, it was OK, but what a yuppie. [...]