As this blog reaches another milestone (this is the 200th post), I get the feeling I’ve written far more than I set out to. So I thought I’d round up some statistics:


[...] As I’ve mentioned before, I have a huge spam problem on my personal e-mail account (~4,000/week) - due to a combination of bad luck and some foolish naivety at a few points - and so I have a fairly highly-tuned SpamAssassin installation running at home, with plenty of custom rules and plugins. I’ve seen a rising amount of image spam on it, so I decided to give FuzzyOcr, a plugin for SpamAssassin, a try. So far, the results are pretty impressive. FuzzyOcr uses the open-source gocr program as the engine, and ties it to with SpamAssassin and some logic. The OCR is fairly CPU-intensive, so unlike most SpamAssassin plugins, it only kicks in if the message is otherwise going to be below a certain scoring threshold. So far it has roughly halved the volume of spam that slips through into my inbox (previously ~40-50/day), which is a welcome improvement. [...]