SOA Tips 'n' Tricks Blog Launched

Chris Tomkins and I both work on the WebSphere ESB team, and have been blogging about it and related IBM SOA products for some months. We’ve now decided to join forces and launch a new blog called SOA Tips ‘n’ Tricks. This will contain technical tips on ESB and other products as well as wider issues - we don’t know exactly how it will evolve so please feel free to leave us some feedback on the things you read - what you like, and what you don’t. I plan to discontinue writing about ESB or SOA specifically here on my personal blog, although I’ll continue to discuss wider IBM issues.


hello mr. pretty boy, how are you? just thought i'd tramp into ur website and say howdy doody... chrisso.
Can others join? I think you'll find that WebSphere Message Broker is a very interesting part of the SOA story ;-)