No Love for LOVEFiLM


I’ve written before about my mixed relationship with LOVEFiLM. It’s now becoming obvious that, as I suspected might happen, the turnaround time for sending out DVDs is worsening again - my last five or so have all taken several days longer than they should have, and the delays are getting longer each time. I’m far from the only ex-Screenselect customer to see this. If this continues, I’ll be cancelling my account. Please, LOVEFiLM, get it sorted.


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Lovefilm are crap. I cancelld my account with them as i only receivd 3 DVDs in a month even though they were returned to them on the same day that I received them. After cancelling my account, they continued to take money from my account and refused to refund me!! DO NOT USE THEM - THEY PROVIDE A CRAP SERVICE AND ARE VERY RUDE!!!