Source Code Crazy

I’ve thought for a while that build, source-code management, and bug tracking software (which I’m collectively calling meta-software) could, and should, be so much simpler. I’ve written previously about my contention that bugs and features are the same thing, but the problem is wider. Software has a tendency to acquire features over time, and software that’s used to make other software is no exception. Here are some assorted thoughts about how to improve the situation:

Fundamentally, though, maybe none of the above will help. Meta-software is perhaps destined to suffer from featuritis more than other software precisely because usability is not so important for its userbase (in my experience, most developers don’t like bad interfaces, but can also cope with them). Only time will tell if developers will be set free.


You're right that theres no excuse for letting bugs fester, particularly as they can combine with new ones creating dangerous failures (eg the Therac-25)