Down with Love

Down with Love is the kind of film I would normally pass by without hesitation based on the promo poster. I only fell into it by accident, on late-night TV. I think I need to learn from this experience: it’s excellent.

Down with Love is everything the Austin Powers series would be if it wasn’t so silly. Set in 60s Manhattan, Down with Love is the story of a feminist author who is seduced by a playboy who turns out not to be the guy who she… well, I won’t spoil the plot. Suffice to say it isn’t the main reason for watching. Down with Love manages to be camp throughout, without once breaking down into nonsense. Performances from Ewan McGregor, Renée Zellweger, and David Hyde Pierce are all hilarious, and the ending of the film, whilst a little contrived, lampoons its own plot beautifully. Superb sets, costumes, and everything else required to re-create a 60s that never existed round it off.

Thumbs up.


Yes, agreed, it is well constructed. I think some of the fluffiness (perhaps all) is intended. But in any event, I love films like this that create a fictional history - I wasn't a debonair playboy in the 60s (sadly) but I'm sure it wasn't quite like that.
Yes, we are fans of this one - it was one of the last R1 DVDs I bought, as a Christmas present for Ola a few years ago. It's a bit fluffy and frothy in style, but quite clever and well put together.