Canon Can't

Following up from yesterday’s sad tale, Canon US have told me by email that if I buy a 400D from Amazon here, I’d need to return it to the US for warranty service, via a US address. This makes me considerably more nervous about purchasing a camera here.

Unsurprisingly, Canon’s UK website provides much worse service - I can’t even find an email address to check with them whether they’d fix a camera under a US warranty. I still find it amazing that companies think it’s reasonable to leave their customers without an email address to contact. I’ll probably call them on Monday to confirm, but I’m not happy with this level of pre-sales support. I’ll be taking a look at Nikon.

Which unfortunately leaves me without a way of taking pictures whilst I’m here. And that makes me a sad Andy. Anyone see a way out of this?


I have to say that I found it very hard to get in touch with Canon, too. I wanted my 350D sensor cleaned, and found it really difficult to find the right number on the Canon UK website - essentially you have to call one of their dealers. I find it bizarre that you can't easily enter a support request or send them an email. You'll find lots of people in Hursley who will recommend you that 400D. However, you'll probably also find an equal number of Nikon users... I just don't have much contact with "that lot" :-)