I Hate Being Clumsy

OK, so I’m an idiot. I broke my camera (again). And I can’t (practically) get it repaired before I get back to the UK. Somehow, breaking valuable stuff seems to be happening a lot recently. Is it possible to train oneself to be less careless? Or is it just an unchangeable characteristic? I’m not in a good mood, anyway.

Fortunately, my trip out today wasn’t really that photogenic in practice - there’s been a lot of rain here recently, and even though I drove 140 miles today (all the way up the East side of The Bay to Oakland, across the Bay Bridge, and through San Francisco), it was pretty misty and wet, and I wouldn’t have got any good pictures anyway (although I got a good view of downtown, with the Transamerica Pyramid and many of the other landmarks I remember from my last trip).

Nevertheless, I’ve decided to comfort myself by buying another thing I can break - the 400D (together with the IS lens Adrian suggested). Amazon here are doing a good price, and will probably deliver it by the end of the week, in time for next weekend. I just need to make 100% sure that the warranty covers the UK - I’m getting mixed messages from the web.


I hadn't thought of that, thanks, I'll check that.
Got corporate travel insurance? It might cover the broken camera - worth checking...