Photography Problem Solved - For Now

I am now the proud owner of a Sony Cybershot DSCW-55, which I’ll use for the remainder of my trip around the Bay Area to take some photos, after my Canon Powershot failed. I got it from Best Buy for the bargain price of $240 including a 1GB memory card. Not bad for a 7.1MP camera, especially given that current exchange rates almost halve that price when converting to pounds.



I’m really not sure what I’ll do when I return to the UK. It probably depends on how many the Canon will cost to fix. I might sell it on Ebay once fixed and part-buy an SLR with the proceeds (I really should have followed Adrian’s advice originally and bought the 400D in the UK). I don’t really want to keep it; I’m most unimpressed with Canon now, and I get the impression the Sony will probably do everything I want from a compact. We’ll see.


@Ella, yes, I'm interested. No, I can't afford it :( @Mark, thanks for the tip (no pun intended) - I'll look out for that. Sounds really useful.
Andrew, if you are smart while you are still in the US buy a Kennsington dual power supply, it has changeable tips, you can use it on a plane and in a wall socket in the UK and US, it has changeable tips and can support a laptop and camera/phone concurrently, they do tips for Sony Cameras, I have an older DSC T1. You can buy them at lots of big US electronics stores, try Frys on Market St. Here is an Amazon link for the one I have, its lighter and thiner than the standard IBM power supply. Make sure you get the tips you need though, Kensingtons website had the one for my Treo out of stock for months. I take the power supply to recharge phone/camera et al even when I don't take my laptop
Not sure if you're still interested in this but hey:
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Yeah, like I say, I shall probably still buy the 400D. I'm pretty unimpressed with the E18 error though. I shall be recommending people away from Canon compacts. In a way, I can understand what you say about the Memory Stick. But I came to the realisation recently that I hardly ever take the memory card out of my camera. Once it's big enough to hold all I need before I get to a PC, that's enough. That's a typical situation for me, and with a bit of judicious pruning of the obvious duds on the camera, I don't have a problem. Plus my read-it-all USB card reader at home reads Memory Sticks, and memory is a cheap part of the whole package (a 1GB Memory Stick was $40).
Fair points about Canon. I've been happy with my 350D but appreciate your frustration both over the Powershot, and the warranty for the 400D. Personally, I avoid Sony due to the proprietary MemoryStick technology. It just seems too limiting to me. I'd rather be able to reuse my storage in another camera or device if I chose to do so.