My First Earthquake...

… was a little less thrilling than I’d hoped. I felt a ripple pass across the room very rapidly, accompanied by a low rumbling sound and a few creaks. You couldn’t mistake it for anything else, but it was very undramatic. Nothing stopped working, nothing fell down. Not quite the next big one.

Update 2007-03-01 21:51 PST: It appears I was nowhere near the epicentre. The San Francisco Chronicle has covered the quake, which was centered around the city of Lafayette (for which the Wikipedia entry is already updated - astonishing). The USGS also has some technical data on their website. It’s impressive that I could feel it almost 30 miles away across the bay in Mountain View.

Update 2007-03-01 22:06 PST: In my ignorance, I linked to the famous San Andreas Fault above. According to the local news, it was actually the Calaveras Fault that was responsible for the earthquake.