San Francisco

So the Redbook residency is over, and after a little dance around the Bay Area this morning involving Best Western, Hertz, and BART, I’ve rid myself of my car (minimum hassle, especially considering I dented the bumper), and am sitting in a shabby motel a few blocks off the dodgier end of Market Street in San Francisco. I’m none too impressed - despite the seemingly ubiquitous free wireless - simply because the area doesn’t feel that great. To that end, I’ve booked myself in a (seemingly much nicer, but also more expensive) Holiday Inn from tomorrow. Another hard lesson in ‘you get what you pay for’.

Nevertheless, I went for a wander earlier around town, particularly down to the Financial District, where I took a few pictures of San Francisco’s most famous (and tallest) skyscraper, the Transamerica Pyramid. Currently trying to figure out the good places in town to chill out - I really don’t want do that much touristy stuff, especially since I’ve done a lot before. I hope to spend some time unwinding before heading back to the UK.


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