School of Rock

School of Rock is fun, fun, fun. Jack Black, annoying in so many roles, was born to play this never-quite-made-it rock-obsessed loafer who forms a rock band with some school kids. Joan Cusack, whilst not remotely believeable as an actual high-school principal, provides some fun scenes and a sexy will-they, won’t-they aside for Black’s character throughout the film. The kids, clearly crucial to the success of the film, are well-cast and act with skill and talent.

School of Rock doesn’t offer anything in the way of a realistic story. But nevertheless you get dragged into it, and the ‘final gig’ - the target of the film - is superb rocking fun, primarily because up till that point the movie only hints at the music, never quite drawing you into it entirely.

It’s fun, and like it’s title character, small in stature, but big in presence.