Oslo Today

Some photos from Oslo today. I’m not sure what is about this city, but I’m really not gelling with it. Apart from the ludicrous expense attached to everything, it seems to lack much definition, centre, or character. The food, often a highlight of travel for me, is sorely lacking (with the exception of the bread - dark and flavourful). Having seen some of the Norwegian countryside whilst staying in Drammen this week, I suspect I’d much prefer rural Norway to the city. Maybe another time.


Ha, well my manager told me to take the day off, so I could hardly refuse :) Good to work with you - meet you again sometime perhaps.
So I can see now how you spent the remaining days of the week.... :-() Looking forward seeing you again somewhere in Europe Joerg
Yes, I think to be fair I should point out that was my day off :)
Looks from your photo set like you've been really busy! Pictures of pints of beer and women - hard life!
Took a while for me to get what you were saying there for a second - Liverpool or Rome? :) Well, I'll try to give Trondheim a try next time - sadly, I have to follow where the customers take me...
I only spent an evening in Oslo but I much preferred Trondheim. My brief experience of Oslo was that it could've been (Rotterdam or) anywhere (Liverpool or Rome). Bergen was okay too. And taking the train from Trondheim to Oslo over the mountains is lovely.