I’m home for the weekend after spending last week with an IBM customer in Zürich - I return on Monday. It’s my first time to the city, and my impressions are certainly mixed. Swiss efficiency is present throughout (with the exception of the so-far variable Swiss airline), with trains exhibiting to-the-second precision and an airport devoid of queues (Heathrow, you have a lot to learn). But my supposed 4-star hotel is a little lacklustre, and the city itself rather concreted and dull. Nevertheless, I had the best falafels I’ve ever eaten the other night, and next weekend I stay in Zürich, so maybe I’ll find something to change my opinion.


I'm managing to visit zurich and very happy to know that the town has very pretty areas, and I adore the water fountains too, i hope i can go there and share my experience with you
Well, not a lot of luck so far this morning with my second trip out to Zürich: computers down at Heathrow and check-in is 'manual' (read: writing boarding passes with a pen). Seating will be 'free' (i.e. chaos) and they couldn't register my frequent flyer miles (although it doesn't matter much, since the Swiss website refuses to tell me how many I have anyway). So far, I am not impressed with Swiss Airlines at all.
I'm not sure without looking it up, but I think I stayed at the same Hotel last, and my first, time in Zurich. Didn't get too much time to look around because I only headed back from the customer site after sunset. I didn't have so much luck with the trains either... I had three (out of five) trains in the morning that were incredibly late compared to what I'm used to. The ones in the evening seemed to work much better and I didn't really care when I get back to the Hotel either... oh well.
Hmm, maybe I'm just staying in a rather dull area. Well, I'll venture out next weekend, and I'll certainly take you up on that recommendation of Lucerne - thanks.
I really enjoyed my trip to Zurich in May. The town has some very pretty areas, and I love the water fountains that are just everywhere! I found the airport super-efficient, too. If you get a chance - I don't know how much, if any, spare time you have - I can definitely recommend a day in Lucerne. It is very pretty and Swiss indeed!