Dopplr Half-Inches from TripIt

Fascinating. The sexy-but-basic Dopplr has obviously decided to take a wander into less-sexy-but-more-capable TripIt’s territory and start doing parsing of forwarded confirmation emails from airlines, etc. It will be interesting to see how well they execute on it (I haven’t had an excuse to use the feature yet). I’ve been a fairly avid user of TripIt and so far have been a bit disappointed by Dopplr’s lack of functionality and innovation beyond its core idea. But should Dopplr truly become a tool for organising itineraries, it’ll be interesting to see which wins out. Dopplr’s certainly ahead on the publicity front.


Indeed they are. Dopplr does at least have the advantage of looking a bit sexier. But, interestingly, all the trip info. is actually fed through from TripIt.
...pardon me, what are those two widgets in the bottom-right of your blog? no, they are not from the tripit-wannabe service, are they? ;)
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