TripIt is ... er ... Really Good

I grumbled to the nice folks at TripIt because I wasn’t eligible for their referral competition, so they sent me a T-shirt instead. So I think it’s only fair that I put in a good word for them:

  1. Try it. If you travel a lot it’s invaluable.

  2. It’s free.

  3. It’s better than Dopplr.

  4. Er… that’s it.


This guy has a review of both:
Ho-hum. I'm not convinced. TripIt covers much of the ground that Dopplr does in terms of functionality. Dopplr is definitely doing better on the publicity front, and it does look sexier. I'm not so sure about the social aspect; I've only encountered one 'coincidence' since I started using it. Ultimately (and sadly) I don't think the general public is really ready to use either. The whole concept is still too niche.
Actually I think the services are complementary. TripIt is clever, and the time I complained that it didn't work right with a booking I sent, they were very responsive and helpful. But right now it doesn't have the same social aspect that Dopplr does. So I think the services work nicely together.