Dialling Problems with Vodafone 3G on Windows

As I’ve written about before, I use a combination of Vodafone 3G and the AT&T Network Client on Windows to access my corporate VPN. Recently, I’ve been seeing this error a lot when ‘dialling’ the 3G network (I connect it via the Windows dialler, rather than the Vodafone client):

This morning, I figured out what it was that was causing the problem. AT&T was open when I was dialling, and had the modem selected in the ‘Cellular’ tab (which I don’t normally use):


I hypothesise that it’s got a lock on the modem when this is selected (even if the ‘Cellular’ tab is not selected). Quitting the AT&T client appears to allow the connection to be created. You can then restart it and connect to the VPN in the normal way (using ‘existing internet connection’).

Hope this helps someone.


Hi Andrew, I tried to use IPSec Dual Access and SSL Dual Access, in both cases the connection didn't work. I will give it a try with a direct cellular connection. Thanks, Tobi
Tobias, I haven't seen that myself. I know there are a few options within the AT&T client for tweaking how it makes the connection (e.g. whether it uses IPSec or not): have you tried experimenting with those? Thanks, Andrew.
Hey Andrew, i'm interested in your experience with the AT&T Network Client and Vodafone Mobile Connect. I have a big problem with my AT&T or VMC. Every time when i'm connected to the Internet via Vodafone Mobile Connect i can't connect to the corporate's intranet via AT&T. It always stopps while "Authenticating with VPN....". AT&T disconnects and the internet connection is shutting down. Do you have any idea? Best regards! Tobi
Gerhard, well, I don't have a PIN, so I don't get that prompt. I'm not surprised it happens the same on other networks though. Unfortunately, it looks like once you've selected that 'Device', you can't unselect it.
Same thing with Vodafone (A1) here in Austria. Always close ATT before connecting with the Vodafone tools. Actually ATT will continue to ask you for your PIN code of the SIM card so it's pretty obvious in that case :-)