Winchester Waitrose

Just come back from the new Winchester Waitrose. Upsides are:



Best to visit Winchester Waitrose without a car. Carpark a nightmare, they had to take down a big wall 'cause cars kept hitting it. Waitrose refuse to share their safety audit prior to build of basement carpark! Never go again.
<i>to think you passed near my front-door and did not pop in for a cuppa...... - tut tut</i> I find the shopping experience at this new Waitrose to be a vast improvement on the alternatives in the local Winchester area - and supreme in comparison to the city centre Sainsbury's (<i>caveat:</i> I have not visited the recently refurbished Tesco in Winnal). Whilst this Waitrose is the closest for me - I have only shopped there a handful of times. I have made use of Tesco home-delivery service, and find the quick-finder search tool to be a positive enhancement. You might want to try the in-store Waitrose experience again on 8 December, between 6pm-9pm - for their "Christmas Evening" ...welcome drink &amp; various festive tasting points {<a href="" rel="nofollow">see their website</a>}
@Dave, yep.
Is that the one on the Stockbridge road ? The one that looks like a cross between a shop, a health centre and a block of flats ( possibly because it is ) ? :-)
I think your review covers every Waitrose in the country :-) The only problem I found with Ocado is that sometimes you get very short best before dates on the fresh produce. Good to hear it's opened, I went to Romsey yesterday to do my shopping!! and just in time for my move to San Francisco......
Thanks for the recommendation. Just ordered with Ocado. We'll see how it pans out :)
Have you not used Ocado before? I preferred them to Waitrose deliver as they regularly send you discount vouchers and had very competitive 'tesco pricematch' prices, as well the majority of Waitrose own-brand products.