Turning off Sametime Pop-ups

I use Lotus Sametime a lot at work, but it has an irritating feature that by default brings all conversations to the front whenever something new is added to them. Nevertheless, this can be turned off. You just need to know how to navigate the labyrinthine preferences menu:

This screenshot is from Sametime 8.5.1 on Linux, but other platforms are probably similar.


I am using sametime 8.5.2, it's work! Thanks you.
Thanks a lot for the real solution!! Now Good bye to irritaion when Pops-up :P
So annoying when you're in the middle of something and someone starts shooting the shit with you. Thank you for this straight forward solution!
Cheers buddy!
Thank you buddy, it saved my day!
God that was so annoying! Thanks so much for this quick, consise guide.
Thank you so much for the help, fix the irritating issue
I heart you for taking the time to post a pic. Just switched over to the new LN (yes, company is years behind), and this was killing me.
It's a crushing day on the network, but just wanted to take a sec and thank you for the graphic. My manager's sametime 8.5.1 got set to the popup by default and it was driving him nuts when the S hits the F and everyone in Verizon starts pinging him.
Thank you, I was so close but your picture really sealed the deal. This page is still helpful!
We use Sametiem Entry 8.5.1 and with the standard policy settings it is not possible to turn it off. Is there an other way to turn it off? Can it be done via a notes.ini setting?
thank you:)) great to use a picture B-)
Thank you - this pop up has been riling me for weeks :-)
Thank you so much! For some reason no other websites actually had a working solution!!!!