Dopplr Half-Inches from TripIt

Fascinating. The sexy-but-basic Dopplr has obviously decided to take a wander into less-sexy-but-more-capable TripIt’s territory and start doing parsing of forwarded confirmation emails from airlines, etc. It will be interesting to see how well they execute on it (I haven’t had an excuse to use the feature yet). I’ve been a fairly avid user of TripIt and so far have been a bit disappointed by Dopplr’s lack of functionality and innovation beyond its core idea. But should Dopplr truly become a tool for organising itineraries, it’ll be interesting to see which wins out. Dopplr’s certainly ahead on the publicity front.

Dubai Trials

Interesting to see that Dubai are trialling their new T3 in much the same way as Heathrow did with T5. I’ll be curious to see if they get the same result. Somehow, I doubt it.


Excellent little Italian place I found near Embankment and the Strand.

Plus, why is the price of hotel wifi in inverse proportion to its quality? Discuss. The Marriott I stayed in last week had unusable wifi (although the hotel was otherwise pretty good), whereas the Park Plaza this week (a.k.a cheap Radisson) has excellent free wifi (for IBMers). It’s got to be a strong factor for business travellers, yet most hotels clearly treat it as an afterthought.

Firefox 3 RC1

Normally I don’t touch pre-release software these days (apart from the IBM software I work with, of course). But I just downloaded and installed Firefox 3 RC1. And boy, Mozilla weren’t kidding - it’s noticeably faster and snappier than Firefox 2. Very impressive. For someone like me who spends a lot of time in a browser, this is just great.

Smoking at Cannes

Why don’t we see this kind of defiance of illiberal legislation more often? It’s something the French do well. In a time when vices are being outlawed left, right, and centre, I’d like to see a bit more bolshyness from the British public.

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