Starbucks Success

Tesco FruitsStarbucks didn’t exactly get where they were by accident. I recently saw this sign in a branch on Gloucester Road (it says ‘Coffee Grounds for Your Garden’). Starbucks are giving away some of their waste coffee grounds for free. The cost of packaging is probably almost equal to the cost of disposal saved, plus it benefits their green credentials. It’s also another good reason to go to Starbucks rather than another coffee shop down the road.

This looks like a pretty clever marketing detail.

Connected Again

It appears PlusNet have finally resolved the issues with my broadband; although they never really explained what it was, apparently ‘BT corrected a fault on the network’. I was without for about two weeks: given how bad they were at sorting it out, I’ll be sending them a letter requesting compensation. We’ll see how well that’s received.

Paucity of Posts

Apologies for the shortage of posts recently; it’s been a very busy week - I should be back to normal posting behaviour by the weekend.

Canon Beat PlusNet

Just so it doesn’t seem like I’m always grumbling about poor customer service, I’d like to point out that Canon have recently been very good. I got some dirt into my S80 digital camera when in Edinburgh about a month ago. I sent it back to Canon’s UK repair centre, half-expecting an argument about mistreatment. They cleaned it, readjusted some things, and sent it back to me, good as new. It took a month, which was a little longer than I’d hoped for, but they didn’t charge either, which I was expecting.

In general, my observations of Canon have been that they produce good, solid cameras (the S80 is an excellent camera for a serious amateur who doesn’t want the bulk of an SLR) and that they provide good service. I’d recommend them without hesitation.

Presumed Innocent

Presumed Innocent is definitely imperfect. The premise is good; the American-legal-system-based-thriller has been done before several times, and well: A Few Good Men, The Pelican Brief. But Presumed Innocent is great in concept, poor in execution. Harrison Ford is miscast as the star, a lawyer with a silly haircut and a silly name (Rusty Sabich). The film relies heavily on flashbacks, but they don’t fit well, and the whole plot is poorly managed and as ill-fitting as Rusty’s suit. Surprisingly leaden acting and a clumsy script don’t help much either. This film is in that rare category - one that has potential, but would benefit from a remake.

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