10 Web Services Issues

Andre Tost has written a short, but very helpful, article that clarifies a few of the more confusing issues surrounding Web Services. None of the concepts are particularly new, but Andre provides a good summary of some potential pitfalls. It’s well worth reading if you’re interested in SOA or ESBs in general, as well as Web Services specifically.

As an aside, I found this article as part of the WebSphere ESB support RSS feed. For those that aren’t aware, there are support RSS feeds for several IBM software products, which provide new information on documentation, fixes, and other issues. Find the product you’re interested in on IBM’s website, and click on the ‘Support’ link. Then look for the orange RSS logo for the feed.

The Fugitive

The Fugitive is a good action-mystery, based on the original TV series. Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones both put in solid performances, and Jeroen Krabbé is subtle as the slimy Charles Nichols. The plot is careful, without too much flabbiness. It perhaps lacks the shine of a classic, but it’s definitely very watchable.


Armageddon is:

Armageddon has:

  • A ridiculous plot. Deep-core drillers are hired by NASA to land on an asteroid in space shuttles and blow it up with a nuclear warhead?

  • Unbelieveable characters - Frost, played by Ben Affleck, is this only one who seems to have his feet on the ground, and his part is so lacking in depth it doesn’t make much difference.

If the film didn’t take itself so seriously it would be easy to excuse these shortcomings, and the cheeky The Right Stuff rip-offs. But it does, so it isn’t.

South West Trains Strikes

It looks like ASLEF are going ahead with three days of strike action on South West Trains’ services. I went to their website to look for an mention of it but could find none. The same was true of the RMT, who are also taking part. Meanwhile, South West Trains have put up notices in stations indicating that ASLEF has announced these strikes because SWT managers drove trains to alleviate recent strike action. As SWT put this, ‘we think this is good customer service’. Well, quite. I would support any measures by SWT to reduce union membership amongst their employees if this is what results.


Apologies for the lack of posts recently on WebSphere ESB. I’m currently out of the office and out of ‘work’ mode, so I’m not writing many posts on that topic. I’ll be getting back to it in a week or two, though, so please stay tuned. Incidentally, if you’re not already aware, you can subscribe to RSS feeds for just a specific topic on this blog, such as SOA & ESB (feed here) - in fact, you can do this with any WordPress Blog. Just go to the category archive (select from the list on the right-hand side), then append ‘/feed’ to the URL.

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