Daily Show Back

Super. After the mean folks at Comedy Central stopped allowing streaming of The Daily Show outside the US, it’s now available again, courtesy of Channel 4 Catch Up.

If you’ve never watched it, it’s definitely worth a peek. Jon Stewart is pretty funny, and although it has an obvious leftist bias, it has an even greater bias for ridiculing deserving politicans. Kinda the American Have I Got News For You, without the panel-game element.


I was just about to diversify my savings into a newly-opened Icesave ISA this evening. Boy, am I glad it took me a while to get round to it.

Now to try and guess analyse the best place for my money.


Decent Hamburger restaurant in Kensington. Well worth a try. Another similar option is Tootsie’s, nearby.

Did you mean 'to type correctly'?

I suddenly realised that I expect Amazon (and indeed many other websites) to correct my misspellings in the same way as Google:

Did you mean: lost in translation ?

But it doesn’t.

They should fix this.


The son of one of the world’s most influential and talented economists is obviously a total geek. How wonderful.

Oh, and get this blog comment and response.

Update 16:58: Then, of course, you read this.

Why don’t economists get any respect?

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