Main Theory

This project is divided into three sections. This section describes the main principles, outlines some of the terminology and notation, and goes into some mathematical detail on queueing theory.

Outline of this section

Although these sections do not have to be read in order, and are designed for easy reference, a reader new to the subject of queueing theory is encouraged to read them in order for maximal understanding.


References throughout the text have a four-letter, two-digit code which can be used to look them up in the list below. Text in the list below in italics indicates journal information.

Webpages for more information

Note: as these are links to external sites, their quality or reliability cannot be guaranteed. However, they were checked links as of the date this page was last updated, and were working reliably then. Queueing Theory information is not easy to find on the web, due to it's highly technical nature. However, some of the better pages this author found are listed below.

Written by: Andrew Ferrier