How I Used Basic Debian Packaging with Git

I was recently looking for a way to support building a basic Debian package for email2pdf - a fairly simple Python program I maintain. In particular, I wanted to: Keep the Debian build process simple - its packaging has always been a bit of a mystery to me. Ensure that the git revision was in some way reflected in the Debian version number in a mostly monotonic way, which solely the git revision would not, since it’s merely a SHA1 hash.

Blog Refresh

Recently I relaunched this blog on This was for several reasons: I wanted to get away from Wordpress. I’d been beholden to it as a tool for a little too long, and it’s become somewhat heavyweight, and was also exposing to a lot of spam. By removing a database backend and the ability to add comments, this should go. I wanted to give a refreshed look and feel. I’ve redesigned everything from scratch using Bootstrap.