How Do You Know When Documents are Ready?

So let’s imagine you’ve sent a document out to a bunch of people for their review and comments, and you’re currently going through the process of updating it with their corrections, clarification requests, and so on. How do you know when the document’s done? Well, how long is a piece of string? I’d propose the following rule of thumb: Take the number of valid review comments you receive from a particular person, and call that a.

Traffic Bunching

Whilst trying to cross the road in Hursley this morning, I was struck by how the cars arrived in a long bunch that prevented me from crossing. Someone pointed out that in this case it was probably caused by the traffic light at the end of the village. This got me to thinking: is it important to have cars bunched? If they had been evenly distributed along the road, is it possible that they would be just close enough never to give me a gap large enough to cross?