Blood, Sex and Coffee

I don’t normally do plugs on here, but my good friend Ella has just recently completed her first novel: Blood, Sex and Coffee. It’s a mammoth achievement, weighing in at a good 700 pages, and is a campy vampire novel bringing in more themes than you’d think could be fit in such as a size - although is fundamentally a huge tract of story crossing space and time. I haven’t yet had a chance to read it - and I’m not normally a big fiction reader - but I have a 12 hour flight to Cape Town at the weekend, so maybe be burning through some of it then.

R.I.P. Katy

Katy, our family’s cat, died of cancer today. I wish I had been able to be at home. She wasn’t the brightest cat ever, and she was very nervous, but she sure was beautiful and I’ll miss her a lot. Good-bye, Katy.