How to Approach Overcoming Procrastination


I am a bit weak when it comes to putting off tasks. If I don’t feel like doing something right now, I will often find a way to delay it. As such, one of my current self-improvement tasks is to work at overcoming my problems with procrastination (I considered not writing this blog entry for at least 3 minutes, after it popped into my head, until I considered how ironic it would be not to write it). I am having a healthy amount of success so far.

Firstly, I agree with this article: ‘Procrastination is not a problem of time management’. On days when I’ve been feeling motivated and productive, I’ve realised that I typically waste so much time with procrastinating that I wouldn’t have much less time to spend if I just did the things I’m procrastinating over. So fancy diaries, to-do lists, and other schemes may solve problems with time management, but not procrastination. To me, not procrastinating is a habit that I’m having to learn, by seeing the benefits that follow from it when I do get on with things.

In my research on this issue, I’ve come up with a few tricks, with some advice and adaptation from other sources, which are definitely helping push things in the right direction:

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The second tip is so right - by completing small tasks quickly, you will accomplish more AND feel better about yourself and the things you have done.