From Palm, to Google Calendar

As part of my cunning plan to move my data online, I decided to move away from using my Palm for managing my diary - and towards Google Calendar instead. I’ve already stopped using the Palm to-do list; all I really need to do now is find a decent online addressbook; Plaxo being one possibility that Chris suggested. It took me a while to figure out how to get my data out of the Palm.

Don't Use PlusNet

I’m still having problems with my PlusNet broadband. Not only are they not interested in talking to me (phone line queues over an hour, website queries often take days), but when they do, we go round in circles discussing basic settings on my router rather than addressing the problem (my protestations that I haven’t changed a sausage are seemingly ignored). So please, if you’re looking for an ADSL provider, and value customer service, don’t go with PlusNet.

My Kingdom for a Wallet

Why oh why can’t someone make a wallet that: Can hold at least ten plastic cards, some cash, and some receipts so they are easily accessible? Isn’t so huge that it looks like I’m carrying a copy of War and Peace in my pocket? Looks fairly smart, preferably made from leather, but not like I just bought it from Armani or some other o-so-faishonable label? Lasts more than 2 weeks?

How to Approach Overcoming Procrastination

I am a bit weak when it comes to putting off tasks. If I don’t feel like doing something right now, I will often find a way to delay it. As such, one of my current self-improvement tasks is to work at overcoming my problems with procrastination (I considered not writing this blog entry for at least 3 minutes, after it popped into my head, until I considered how ironic it would be not to write it).