My Kingdom for a Wallet

Why oh why can’t someone make a wallet that:

Is this so hard? (grumble, grumble).

Wallet manufacturers: I will pay you £200 for a wallet that fulfills the above criteria. I realise this won’t cover your R&D; costs if it’s just for me, but I’m sure you could sell more of them. Please feel free to design the wallet before manufacturing it if that helps.


Very useful and informative blog. Recommended for all to see.
[...] Faffing with the contents of my wallet today in the supermarket, I began wondering about reward cards - are they still worth the plastic they’re printed on? They’ve been around in the UK for over a decade, and two major supermarkets - Tesco and Sainsbury’s - still use them. I have one of each. However, I sometimes wonder why I don’t throw them away - cash rewards of approximately 1% (presumably all that the supermarkets can afford) hardly seem worth the bother of carrying them. [...]
Yes, I failed to add that most of the wallets I've had that have come close to matching these criteria have come from cheap local markets too. The main problem with them is they don't last long... Thanks for your comments.
My wallet is all of the above except for the last point. It has a zip on the coin pocket though, and I haven't had anything fall out of it in the 2 years I've had it. It was also a bargain as I saw it while I was walking past my local market one Saturday and it was £2! I only wish I'd bought a dozen of them as this one is starting to show signs of wear (not bad after 2 years though).