Don't Use PlusNet

I’m still having problems with my PlusNet broadband. Not only are they not interested in talking to me (phone line queues over an hour, website queries often take days), but when they do, we go round in circles discussing basic settings on my router rather than addressing the problem (my protestations that I haven’t changed a sausage are seemingly ignored). So please, if you’re looking for an ADSL provider, and value customer service, don’t go with PlusNet.

But some good news this morning: I spoke to a nice lady from the Consumer Direct service. She gave me some great advice on how to proceed; what wording to use in my letters them, etc. Based on that experience, I’d recommend them if you’re having a similar problem. Never let it be said that I don’t occasionally have a good word for government.


Hi i,ve had problems from day one, they keep over charging me on dd of course. Now this morning switched pc no connection. Will have to go to my local library send email asking them what problem is now. Im supposed to have unlimited internet access, but if im on pc more than 2hrs in 1 day it slows down!
DO NOT USE!! We had a telephone supplier who went bust and BT issued a cease on the line to Plusnet. Asked Plusnet to leave things alone as the line had been reactivated. No they had to disconnect my broadband but I could reactivate for £52!! They offer new users it for free but couldn't do it for someone who had been with them for several years. Asked them to cancel my account with them as I can sign up with someone else and get connected for free. Now they have the cheek to want £40 for 30 days notice, don't know how they work that figure out!! So service when it's working is okay but customer services NIL and I agree you can't get through on the phone.
[...] Oh, and in case you’re still not clear: don’t use PlusNet or Force9 or any of the other shitty offerings from this pathetic excuse for an ISP. [...]
[...] It appears PlusNet have finally resolved the issues with my broadband; although they never really explained what it was, apparently ‘BT corrected a fault on the network’. I was without for about two weeks: given how bad they were at sorting it out, I’ll be sending them a letter requesting compensation. We’ll see how well that’s received. [...]
Matt, no, I never actually got to speak to a human being; the phoneline promised that the queue was about 10 minutes, but this turned out to be a lie. The problem is now resolved, but through the molasses-slow process of a ticket on their website.
You actually got to speak to someone??? Which number did you call? I've tried the standard 0845 140 0200, and every menu option takes me to the same woman, who tells me to go to the website. How do you actually get hold of a human? Finally, hope your problem is sorted by now. Good luck with it!
[...] Just so it doesn’t seem like I’m always grumbling about poor customer service, I’d like to point out that Canon have recently been very good. I got some dirt into my S80 digital camera when in Edinburgh about a month ago. I sent it back to Canon’s UK repair centre, half-expecting an argument about mistreatment. They cleaned it, readjusted some things, and sent it back to me, good as new. It took a month, which was a little longer than I’d hoped for, but they didn’t charge either, which I was expecting. [...]
Please do. It's getting increasingly painful, and their customer service strategy seems to involve threatening me with fees if they can assert that the problem is with my equipment (which I've already demonstrated with 95% certainty it isn't), rather than attempting to fix the problem. The fact that they sometimes take 3 days to get back to me is hardly reassuring either.
I can't believe they've been giving you the runaround for this long. I will definitely be avoiding them and letting any other prospective customers know of your plight.