Black & Blue

Being as I travel so much these days, I tend to eat out far more often than is good for me (quite literally). London, where I’m currently holed up for a few months, is generally an excellent location for a good selection of good places to eat, although it’s still challenging to find a good (and quick) meal every night. However, my hotel for this week and last (the above average Hilton Kensington) doesn’t exactly seem to be replete with places to dine.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I ventured a bit further up to Notting Hill this evening and found the Black and Blue. A basic but incredibly juicy steak definitely made my evening. Much better than yet another so-so Indian meal (the Bombay Bicycle Club is definitely over-rated). It’s re-affirmed my faith in moderately-budgeted expense accounts.


@Adrian, thanks for the recommendation. Tried NCR the other night and it was pretty good. Will probably be back...
Thanks. I wandered past it last night and was wondering about it. Since I'm here for the next 8 weeks or so, I'm sure I'll give it a go...
If you venture up to Notting Hill again try New Culture Revolution for great, simple Chinese noodles and dumpling dishes.